UPDATE Our First Week

Our First Week Back 

On Monday 22 June at 10am we opened the door again to customers. It felt quite strange at first remembering the process of preparing the shop, the A board out across the road, blinds up, walking sticks out, lights on, computer on, checking emails, and COFFEE! But we didn’t have to wait long for the first customer, a lady was already waiting across the road to come in. Then the ‘new normal’ process started, please maintain 2metre distance (now down to 1metre plus) please take a pair of gloves if you wish to handle the books while browsing (well of course you do) that’s part of the whole experience when you visit a bookshop, oh and card payment only. Many of our regular customers have been in to say hello and how lovely to see we are open again – so many warm and friendly greetings we felt truly missed and appreciated.

The whole week has been very busy and we have all managed with the gloves and sanitiser thing! So THANK YOU EVERYONE, great to be back and be your ‘little bookshop with heart’ once again.

lissa & nik cookFriends and regulars Lissa and Nik Cook with their beautiful dog

2 new residents to the area

This family moved into their new home in Chinley just       before lockdown and couldn’t wait to come to the bookshop!

Your Visit (for those of you who haven’t been yet)

Customers will collect their gloves as they enter the shop, this means they will be able to handle the books safely – for themselves, other customers and us. We simply don’t have the space, or the quantity of stock, for it to be put in ‘isolation for 72 hours’ I hope you will understand. There will also be hand sanitiser available to use on leaving. We would like you to bring your own mask if you wish to, there will be a screen on the desk at checkout. We can still offer help to anyone who asks, just at a safe distance. Only 1 or 2 people will be in the shop at any one time, in different rooms. Unless they are from the same household.

Home Deliveries

We shall continue with home deliveries indefinitely for those who don’t feel safe coming to the shop, or who are unable to.

Our thanks again, and continue to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and well.

Lyndsay and Sue xx

Independent Bookshop Week

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