Image for In a Manner of Speaking : The Story of Spoken EnglishIN A MANNER OF SPEAKING
The story of spoken English by CHARLIE HAYLOCK and illustrated by BARRIE APPLEBY

The author Charlie Haycock, is due to appear on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme later this week, discussing his role as dialogue coach to the actor Ralph Fiennes for the new Netflix film The Dig, which recreates the events of the 1939 excavation of Sutton Hoo

In a Manner of Speaking is a fun and fascinating exploration of spoken English that will answer these questions and many more. Following history
from the time of the Roman conquest through to the days of the British
Empire, chapters explore the beginnings of spoken English, how each
invading force brought different sounds to the language, and how the English
tongue has evolved over time.
This is not a manual on English grammar. It is about how we came to speak
our modern English, and why, even in the country of its birth, there are so
many variations on the way the language is spoken. Witty, interesting and
easy to read, In a Manner of Speaking is also superbly illustrated by Barrie Appleby.