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Reading Matters Gift Tokens

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We now sell our own £5 and £10 gift tokens which can be exchanged for anything in the shop. They will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue and come in an envelope.



Greeting Cards for all occasions

Karen Frenkel Shadows at Winnatts PassLocal Peak District scenes by Karen Frenkel

Karen is a dedicated landscape photographer living and working in in the Peak District. She often returns to the same spot time after time throughout the seasons, seeking out those fleeting moments when weather conditions and dramatic light combine to make each of her images unique.

Karen’s work can be found in galleries, published in books, calendars and magazines throughout the country. Archival prints are available on request.

Karen Frenkel Extreme Cycling Avalanche At Holme Moss Karen Frenkel Hello                             Karen Frenkel Kissing Stones Bleaklow                        Karen Frenkel Reflections at Matlock Bath


Linocut cards and framed prints by local artist Jill Kerr

Printmaker Jill Kerr must have one of the most beautiful settings in the county for her fabulous studio in Chinley. She is surrounded by the stunning Peak District landscape and from her windows she looks out over Kinder Scout. The Summerfield Studio was once a potting shed and is in the garden of her home.

jk cards on stand jk kinder downfall           jk sunflowers


Age Cards by Stripey Cats

           Stripeycats_round_logo Stripey-cats-450-No-1-Blue-TitStripey-cats-451-No-2-Hedgehog-570x800Stripey-cats-452-No-3-Bee


Stripey-cats-406-Dillan-Digger    Stripey-cats-403-Fergus-Fire-Engine


Pencil Shavings by Ruth Jackson

Ruth Jackson Header