Two more great books


Image for A Literary Christmas : An Anthology

A Literary Christmas

This seasonal compendium collects together poems, short stories, and prose extracts by some of the greatest poets and writers in the English language. Wodehouse’s wry story about Christmas on a diet. Enjoy a Christmas Day as described by Samuel Pepys, Anthony Trollope, George Eliot, or Nancy Mitford. Venture out into the snow in the company of Jane Austen, Henry James and many more.

Image for A Children's Literary Christmas : An Anthology

A Children’s Literary Christmas 

Twenty-four seasonal chapters allow the excitement to build as parents and grandparents can share pages of unforgettable adventures, festive traditions, tales of elves, snowmen and reindeer, fairytales, folklore and family fun.

Both published by The British Library



Our Christmas Tree at Lyme Park

We are delighted to have been invited this year to decorate a Christmas tree at Lyme Park. There are about 10 trees down by the Timber Yard cafe and shop, all decorated by local organisations and businesses. The minimalist look or a work in progress!

!lyme sign  timber yard  lyme 3