This is our blog about the bookshop and its visitors

Don’t forget we are still doing Home Deliveries. If you have a list of books for Christmas presents send it or drop it in, put your feet up and leave the rest to us.

Tuesday 29 September – 3 months now since we re-opened after lock down and we are hoping for everyone’s sake and sanity that there wont be another complete lock down. There won’t be if everyone can just follow the few simple rules to prevent the spread. Please wear a mask in our shop we are no different to other shops, keep your distance – i’m pleased to say most of our customers  are happy to wait outside if we have more than one group in. Thank you to those people :o) The ones that get huffy, never mind try again tomorrow with better manners.

It’s National Poetry Day 2020 on Thursday 1st October (EEK) Now I’m not known for writing poetry, but I do like writing dittys. So this is my effort to mark the event. . .

Floaty and me went to the sea

on a beautiful hot sunny day.

Floaty went high, right up in the sky

….. and then he went plop in the sea!

Move over Simon Armitage! :o)

Thursday 20 August – It has been 2 months now since we re-opened after lock down. We are very pleased to see all our customers again – in the flesh! We all seem to be adapting to the new style of shopping quite quickly. Amazing what people would do just to get their hands on a brand new book!

So thank you to everyone who is shopping local and ‘keeping it close to home,’  looking after our community.

We have our own ‘bookie’ custom made masks, courtesy of Gail in Sew Chapel :o)

. . .  and gloves so you can touch EVERY BOOK in the shop safely!


Why is there always one left over??




Wednesday 17th Junealmost past pandemic – Today is a sad day :o(

James Bowen says goodbye to ‘unforgettable’ street cat Bob
Bob the cat, whose special role in James Bowen’s personal journey was written about in bestseller A Street Cat Named Bob, has died, having reached more than 14 years of age.



Saturday 25th January – Has anyone got any ideas how I can keep my hands warm in the shop? Mine are freezing, but I can’t use the keyboard with gloves on :o(


Focus on the positive! :o)



Tuesday 10th September – Any of these you?

Epic Reads charts - reading vs everything else        Epic Reads charts - cycle of a book hangover


Epic Reads charts - can you borrow my book


Saturday 28th May – Starting with a Children’s book, Songs for Children by Barbara Blacksheep. Penned in 2019 and one ewe must definitely read. ;o)

Image for Gimson's Kings and Queens : Brief Lives of the Forty Monarchs since 1066 Currently reading Gimson’s Kings and Queens

Saturday 27th April – After glorious sunshine and warm temperatures last week today is a very cold , wet and windy day! :o(  The blackboard says ‘ The rain is back –bad. Don’t feel guilty about curling up with a good book – good!’

Then Gordon (originally from Newcastle) came in to collect 2 books he’d ordered last week. Gordon bought 3 more books, presents for others he said, then declared our shop  is ‘the best bookshop in the world! You have so many books I want to read and didn’t know I did’

Well thank you Gordon, you made it all worthwhile having to get out of a cosy, warm bed this morning! :o) Possibly a little exaggeration Gordon  . . . .


Tuesday 26th February – Watch for our new weekly competition on facebook, won last week by ‘Ruthietoothie’ who was the first to name it was a mandrake from the Harry Potter books, made for the Harry Potter Quiz evening a few weeks ago. facebook-logo-png-5a35528eaa4f08.7998622015134439826976mandrake




Saturday 18th August – Where there’s a will . . . Evie visited today to choose a book!

evie    evie 2    evie 1

Thursday 16th August – We had a competition to guess how many books were in the shop, a three year old with her mother wanted to enter, When asked how many books she thought there were, the child looked around and pointed to a shelf,  “One, two . . . . . ” We did remind Mum that we close at 5.30!

Friday 10th August –  Just love this quote:

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.
If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart”  Nelson Mandela

Tuesday 8th August – In our local hostelry this evening we met a lovely lady called Ann, who was a dancer and now teaches dance theory at a University on the south coast. The conversation generated by Sweep, our adorable Yorkshire Terrier. Anne was on her own and asked to join us and the conversation started with – yes, books!  However, it quickly went on to cover numerous things about her life and circumstances, mostly dance and music and the places she has lived during her life.  Some of which were within a few miles from me in Hertfordshire. She wanted to know all about the bookshop and its inception as well as what it’s like to live in this beautiful part of England. We left Ann to have her dinner after about 45 minutes. But this chance meeting, on reflection was most extraordinary. In such a short space of time we felt that we had known her for so much longer and a ‘connection’ had been made so easily. Unfortunately Ann had to leave the following day, and there was no opportunity for us to meet again. If the climate wasn’t colder here than in the south I think she would like to move up! Thank you again Ann, it really was a pleasure to meet you.

Tuesday 24th July – El Scorchio!! We are in the fifth week of the current heatwave here in the UK with no sign, apart from a few little blips, of the hot weather ending. I am actually surprised by the number of people who HAVEN’T complained about the weather. Yes we’ve all said ‘it’s a bit hot’ but I think generally we have enjoyed a proper summer with lots of sunshine. Advice from us – the best way to keep cool is:

  1. Minimal movement essential. Comfort breaks should be taken regularly though.
  2. Keep hydrated – have a constant supply of chilled water with you.
  3. Sit with your legs elevated.
  4. Have regular carbs for energy.
  5. Turn off all electronic devices – these could raise your temperature!
  6. All of the above is achievable by simply sitting down and reading a good book!!!
  7. We have all the ‘remedies’ on sale in our shop.

Thursday 15th March – So, so pleased to have a shop full of Dads with their children last Saturday to get their World Book Day free book ! Well done Mums and Dads everywhere who took the trouble to take their children to their local bookshop for WBD books –  and it didn’t cost you a penny. There is hope for us all yet ;o)

Wednesday 14th March – This morning we hear of the death of Professor Stephen Hawking. His book A Brief History of Time, published in 1988 was written he said for non-specialist readers with no prior knowledge of scientific theories.

He was a truly inspirational and intelligent man, a credible role model for our young people today – hopefully. RIP Stephen Hawking.

Monday 5th March – The snow is melting fast here.Image for Noah's Ark

A customer came in this morning and bought this book. Does she know something the rest of us don’t? :o/


Friday 2nd March – A Silly Poem by Spike Milligan
Said Hamlet to Ophelia,
I’ll draw a sketch of thee,
What kind of pencil shall I use?
2B or not 2B?  Ha Ha!

and this one …… :0)


Saturday 23rd November – Customer browsing; another customer arrive and looks at the poetry books, suggestions asked for then spots T.S.Elliott ” Ooh I like T.S.Elliott does he do any book signings” Other customer replies ” You’d have to dig ‘im up first!”

Laughter politely stifled.

Saturday 30th SeptemberI feel very heartened today after a visit from Imogen, her Daddy and baby Jude. Imogen loves books so much and Daddy says not only does she read well – but fast! Imogen collected the book she ordered Wave Me Goodbye by Jaqueline Wilson, the story of a young evacuee during WW2. The book chosen for Jude was a little concerning, Bye, Bye Baby Brother! Poor Jude I hope we don’t see him strapped to a rocket flying over Chapel! Another lovely family visiting the bookshop on a Saturday morning.

Friday 21st July –  Quote from Elisa, a student at Brunel University- I visited many bookstores in the UK, and found interesting books that I would never look at if I didn’t visit a physical bookstore. To me, every one of them is unique and wonderful. Hear Hear!

Saturday 28th January – Sad to hear we have lost Sir John Hurt today, an actor with such presence and talent on stage and screen. However, I expect will always remember when The Alien burst out of his chest!

Hope it’s not going to be a sad 2017, last year was bad enough.

Monday 23rd January 2017 — My opinion only; if I had seen the TV version of Apple Tree Yard before I read the book I wouldn’t have bothered, however I did read the book when it first came out and thoroughly enjoyed it. There was more chemistry between the couple in the book than I can see on screen. PS Apple Tree Yard and Louise Doughty’s latest Black Water are on sale in the shop. 

Saturday 10th December 2016 – This quote from Grayson Perry caught my eye!

‘Pop into your local bookshop. Book people are nice people and bookshops have become more than a place to buy books. In many small communities they are a valuable social hub for like-minded folks. But don’t forget to buy a book too!’

How very true and it doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase – every little helps to keep us in YOUR high street. P.S. Grayson Perry’s book The Descent of Man is on sale in the shop.

Monday 13th October 2016 – Atlantic Books; a truly wonderful independent ‘amateur’ bookshop on the island of Santorini. During a busman’s holiday moment, we visited this bookshop set in a cellar in old town Oia. 

Thursday 2nd July 2016 – Today I had a visit from an escapologist who tried to escape without paying ;o) No, not really but he was an escapologist wanting to order a book about a local magician, Randolph ‘Randini’ Douglas. While he was searching in all his pockets and his bag for his business card I half expected a rabbit to appear or a pair of white doves, but he assured me he wasn’t that kind of magician. He left a happy man because I can get the books AND post them to him and hopefully went back to the conference in Buxton, singing the praises of Chapel en le Frith while I checked the till to see if the £20 he gave me was still there – it was.           More about the book on Good Reads page.