A New History of Old Places

Can you help to put together a new history of the Parish of Chapel en le Frith. Have you got memories or old documents which might help? We are not asking you to part with them, just to let us see them.

The town and its population is changing rapidly and therefore it feels necessary to make a serious attempt to re-discover its past and document it for future generations, who might not otherwise be aware of the earlier times of this great historical parish. The unusual name of the town and parish came from the original Chapel built in 1225 that became the Parish Church of today.

The last substantial history was written over 90 years ago by W. B. Bunting (he also wrote a history of the Church in 1925.) The Local History Group wants to build on his work and we are looking for help from anyone who can add to our understanding of the past.

Contact the group by calling in and speaking to Sue or Lyndsay at the bookshop, via this website or email readingmatterschapel@gmail.com. One of the members will then contact you.


Image for Chapel-en-le-Frith Through Time Revised Edition Chapel en le Frith Through Time by Mike Smith

As well as highlighting how changes in lifestyle have impacted on the appearance of Chapel, the photographs show that the older parts of the town and the surrounding hamlets have changed surprisingly little. Customs and traditions have also continued into the present century, thanks to the determination of the townspeople to preserve long-established clubs and societies. The story of Chapel-en-le-Frith is about continuity, as well as change.

This edition of Chapel-en-le-Frith Through Time is fully updated. On sale now £14.99


James Clegg of Chapel en le Frith Minister, Doctor, Farmer, Diarist

A new look at James Clegg and his life in the Parish by Martin Brayne





Characters of Chapel en le Frith

A biopic of some of the interesting characters who shaped our parish, compiled by Nigel Watson






Chapel en le Frith during the Coronavirus Pandemic 2020

A mainly photographic record of the town whilst in lockdown, compiled by Tony Gloster. A view of the many shops and businesses closed by order of the Government to try and restrict the spread of the disease.

The launch of the LHG Occasional Papers December 2019


The group are delighted to announce that the first of the new ‘Occasional Papers’ are on sale now at the shop price £2.50 each. 

Chapel en le Frith’s Ancient Tracks compiled by Tony Gloster

Industrial History of Chapel en le Frith Parts 1 and 2 compiled by Nigel Watson.

Nigel and Tony have worked hard to produce an accurate accounts of each topic.

Many of the new residents to Chapel are very interested in its past and are delighted  about the Occasional Papers. They find them reasonably priced, easy to read and will fit in a pocket to take out with them when they go exploring the area. They are eagerly awaiting the next one!

The aim is eventually to have all the ‘papers’ in one hardback published collection.


 New publication March 2019

A comprehensive introduction is followed by annotated maps, references and historical notes for each grange are arranged in alphabetical order. Summary tables highlight patterns and trends.

An appendix, researched and written by Brian Rich, considers routes taken by religious houses to reach their granges from outside Derbyshire.

The book aims to bring to life the activity and influence which monastic communities had during some four centuries in Derbyshire and how this can be interpreted today in the landscape. It is hoped it will stimulate enthusiasm for renewed investigation.

Mary Wiltshire and Sue Woore have always had a keen interest in interpreting the landscape. They have undertaken field work at the site of every grange catalogued and have reinforced this by researching documentary sources.

On sale now SP £14.99